Censorship sucks.

Thoughts are free. Sharing them can be dangerous.
With Aura you can share ideas anonymously with people around.
It works person-to-person: no SIM card, no internet, no blocking, no traces with your phone operator.

The Unblockable Social Network

Wear data and express yourself!

Wear Data

Your Aura consists of a few ideas you hold dear and is visible 20-100 meters.

Spread the Love

Users in proximity see your ideas and can adopt and spread them.

Data Moves from
Phone to Phone

It doesn't use the internet, there are no servers, nothing to censor, nothing to oppress.

Power to your Battery

Aura is built to stay on - you won't notice any impact on battery life.

How does Aura help against autocratic regimes?

  • Graffiti, protest signs and leaflets are observable by CCTV
  • Mouth-to-mouth communication is slow and risky
  • Mainstream media is often blocked or censored
  • Phone providers monitor their customers
  • Internet is often disabled during protests

This is how it works

  • Aura is a free app
  • Aura allows you to enter ideas
  • Nearby users see your ideas and can click to adopt them
  • This way ideas spread from user to user
  • Aura transmits data locally using Bluetooth LE
  • No registration/account needed
  • No Bluetooth pairing needed
  • No 3G or Wifi needed
  • No SIM card needed
  • Built to be always on (battery impact is 0.1%/day)
  • With Bluetooth 4 the range is 20m to 100m, with Bluetooth 5 it will be 150-250m
  • It comes with a panic button to very quickly delete all data

Download Aura.

Download the beta and give feedback!

  1. This is the beta version: Unfinished and it could behave weirdly
  2. Install it and test it (Obviously requires at least two phones)
  3. Please provide feedback 😀

Manual Installation via APK

This is not recommended because you'll not receive any updates! It's provided so that Aura can be installed without accessing the Google Play Store. Download Aura-beta-1.1.0.apk.